Volume: 4 Fluid ounces


One, four fluid ounce soy candle in a quilted glass mason jar. Each jar comes with a tinplate steel vacuum seal lid to preserve the candle's essential oils. All of our cottage kitchen candles use wooden wicks, allowing for a clean, long burn. If you’ve never used a wooden wick you’ll love the cozy crackling campfire sound they make!My 4 oz candles have a 40+ hour burn time, depending on how you care for your candle.


Each of my natural essential oil blends are precisely measured using state of the art lab equipment to ensure quality and consistency. My wax is carefully heated to its melting point to ensure its integrity. Every candle is then hand poured and cured to allow even distribution of my essential oils. I make every candle myself, obsessing about every detail so it’s perfect for you every time!


While my natural, vegan, non-toxic candles smell good enough to eat and are safe enough to sip, please don’t—because they are candles! Good news though: The drink recipes that inspired these delicious scents are included in the packaging of my candles! Please enjoy responsibly!

4 oz Mason jar Candle